Featured on Grand Designs Australia

We had the pleasure of creating a custom door for Phil and Ariana last year. They are being featured on Grand Designs Australia tonight on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel at 8:30!

“Building a grand design takes time and more often than not, takes longer than anyone expects. Phil and Ariana have given themselves just two weeks to build their home in Maianbar, in Sydney’s south, regardless of the fact they’ve never built anything before. Utilising a build system that has never been used for domestic housing in Australia before, this could either be a new blueprint for construction in this country, or a complete disaster. They’ve chosen a building method popular in European residential construction – cross laminated timber which is essentially a flat pack home using wood compressed to be as strong as steel. With the design focused entirely on making the water views the centrepiece of the build, the house is put together piece by piece like a giant Meccano set. But with 130-plus timber panels precision cut in an Austrian factory and installed in a strict order on site, there is no room for error. With Phil drawing on his skills in HR to project manage, will his unrelenting obsession with a strict time frame compromise the integrity of the design?”

FOXTEL – Lifestyle
Grand Designs Australia
S7 Ep2 Maianbar Cross Laminated Timber